Biweekly Updates -2021- November 2

Biweekly Updates –2021- November 2


There are always two versions of this enclosure – real and digital. The maximum data quality of the VX25 ensures greater flexibility for configuration, manufacturing and assembly. And with the “digital twin”, the person who knows your company best – you – can plan, order, process and much more besides.

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Watertight, Dust-Resistant Brushless DC Motors

IP67 Watertight, Dust-Resistant Brushless DC Motors Oriental Motor has developed the BMU and BLE2 Series watertight, dust-resistant brushless motors that can be washed with water. Motors of output power 200 W, 300 W, and 400 W are available. Adopting an IP67 brushless motor can improve speed controllability while achieving compact size and high output power, allowing for the design and manufacturing of equipment at a higher level.

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SX5 Series Safety Laser Scanner, Master Safety Zone Sets: 10 Safety Outputs: 2 OSSD Pairs; Removable Memory: 8-pin or 12-pin Protective Field Range: 0.05 m to 5.5 m Scanning Angle Degrees (max): 275 Part Number: 807769

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Antaira's line of industrial wireless routers allows users to implement encrypted VPN tunnels and other basic WiFi routing capabilities for remote harsh environment applications. Our industrial WiFi routers provide vital networking capabilities for your WLAN, ranging from affordable entry-level routers to high-end, dual-radio access points/clients/bridges/repeaters with router capabilities.

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The STM6000 series in the complement of the ST6000 range brings a new level of visualization to the Basic HMI market which no other basic product has accomplished. We have achieved a superior quality display that improves operability and is unmatched by any other basic product. Also, the product can be installed easily as no tools are necessary and very fast with the unique push-button mounting system through a φ22 mm circular hole. Optimize operations and machine information.

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Key Features: Basic instruction speed of 0.04 μs/step (up to 7 k steps) 40k steps max program capacity Up to 6 axes of motion control Built-in RS232 communication port (replaces TOOL port on FP-X) Cassette interface expands functionality without increasing footprint Existing FP-X programs can be used without modifications Expandable up to 382 I/O points

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