Biweekly Updates -2021- September 1

Biweekly Updates –2021- September 1

Stepper and Servo Integrated Linear Actuators

Sanyo Denki has partnered with NSK to develop the pioneering Monocarrier series. NSK has seamlessly integrated their accumulated expertise with ball screws, linear guides and support bearings into a lightweight, compact single- and dual-axis actuators and combined it with highly precise Sanyo Denki stepper and servo systems. NSK has expanded their line of Monocarriers to deliver the MCE series: a preassembled and pretested motorized actuator. For our shared automation customers, the MCE Electrified Monocarrier is a turnkey solution that offers significant benefits:

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Turck has created inductive sensors specifically created to detect carbon fiber materials and pressed carbon parts. With high reliability thanks to its Uprox base technology and wide temperature range of 0-100° C, these IP68-rated sensors are ideal for use in the automotive, alternative enrgy and sporting good industries.

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The GA500 Industrial AC Microdrive combines sustainability, flexibility, and ease of use with Yaskawa’s tradition of highly reliable products.

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Nylon cable chains

Brevetti Stendalto’s cable chains are designed to meet any requirement for dynamic protection of cables and hoses. Our chains are able to withstand the most heavy-duty applications. A non-conclusive list of possible applications for our chains includes horizontal and vertical strokes, long travel distances even beyond 400 m, applications with protective covers, rotations on diameters ranging from less than 1 m up to more than 30 m, robotics. Go through the menu in the chart below to identify the chain that best suits your application.

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interferoMETER 5400-TH

Turck is expanding its encoder portfolio by adding the lower cost, non-contact Ri360-QR20 miniature encoder. The IP68/IP69K-rated solution offers a housing that fully surrounds the positioning element, protecting it from environmental factors.

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Top Gun: Static Elimination Gun

The Top Gun Static Elimination Gun is a lightweight but durable static removal gun. It provides superior control and targeted particulate clean up for a wide variety of industrial applications. As a forceful neutralizer and blow-off gun, Top Gun Static Eliminator easily removes stubborn particulate from surfaces. As a neutralizer, Top Gun gets rid of troublesome charges responsible for the attraction of contaminants to product surfaces.

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