Biweekly Updates -2022- January 2

Biweekly Updates -2022- January 1

Batteryless "HA035" Absolute Encoder

The “HA035” that we have developed this time is a small, high accuracy, batteryless encoder that can be installed on our R series servo motors with a flange size of 40 mm or more and is being presented as the new standard encoder to replace the “PA035”.

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AZ Series DC Input

These compact and lightweight drivers can be controlled via RS-485 communication. They can be combined with AZ Series motors and actuators equipped with AZ Series. Direct-coupled motors for compact drivers that can be used without a connection cable, are also available.

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"Secure Lock" Rod Lock Series SL

Secure Locks allow the rod to be locked in position when the system is turned off or an emergency stop occurs. They can withstand also occasional situations of dynamic locking.

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The DTS2 High Speed Track System has been developed for high-speed and rapid indexing applications. Load bearing carriages are driven smoothly around a closed circuit, using a scroll drive for positional accuracy and strong driving force. The track is configurable into nearly any shape made from straight and curved sections, providing maximum design flexibility.

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The PM-50 is available as a 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch graphical touchscreen display. Using simple "swipe" technology, users can easily switch between relevant screens and receive comprehensive operational data for monitoring equipment and production.

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Intelligent Torque Sensors

Sensors for measuring torque are an indispensable standard for ensuring production quality in industrial manufacturing. They are used both for cyclical checking of assembly tools and for recording measurement results in ongoing production, thereby guaranteeing seamless traceability of production data.

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