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Biweekly Updates -2022- June 2

IRB 1200 Hygienic

The IRB 1200 Hygienic robot option features wipe down and wash down cleaning (with a protection cover), safeguarding food safety and opening new application fields in food processing and food service.

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Our entry level actuator has been reimagined and redesigned with the end user’s time and ease in mind. Featuring an elegant and simplified single piece base extrusion that allows for both easy and flexible mounting as well as internal slots for cable routing, SlickStick can just as easily be used in a DIY home project as it can be used for a dusty machine. Don’t struggle with any of the typical challenges that come with buying an actuator.

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SANMOTION G Servo System

SANYO DENKI has developed and released a brand new servo system, SANMOTION G, which features industry-leading servo performance in a compact, lightweight, energy-efficient design. It is ideal for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools, food manufacturing equipment, and medical equipment.

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Red Lion’s N-Tron® series NT24k® Gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switches are available in rackmount or DIN-rail mountable configurations. The NT24k platform offers a wide array of port configurations, media types and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) models including 10/100/1000 copper, and Fast Ethernet and Gigabit fiber options.

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KEL-ER split cable entry frames

Split cable entry system for routing and sealing cables with connectors, providing an IP66 / UL Type 12/4X* rating and strain relief for cable diameters from 1 to 16 mm (single-hole grommets KT 1 – 15) and 16 to 35 mm (single-hole grommets KT 16 – 34).

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The Apex ADR series has a 90° input via spiral bevel gear. It features an extremely short, rigid housing and full compatibility to any motor. A High Torque, Low backlash COMPACT Helical, One Piece Planetary Cage Design Provides the Stiffest and Most Accurate Rotating Flange Design on the Market Today. Superior Accuracy, Torsion Rididity, Moment Load Capacity.

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  • San Motion - Servo SystemsSanyo Denki developed the SANMOTION brand of motion control systems striving to be a worldwide leader in promoting automation technology that improves the human condition.
    SANMOTION stepper and servo systems are crafted for exceptional performance and reliability, especially in multi-axis synchronous motion control applications. Custom engineering services are available to reduce the time to market for manufacturing equipment in an array of industries.