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Biweekly Updates -2022- September 1


ECO 060 series operator panels are the operator with keyboard panels with the least internal usage. With its modern line and elegance; together with the articulable of additional panel feature the modularity has reached to a higher level.

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Linear Units

Linear units are used in almost every single area of automation and machine engineering. From simple adjustments that may be seldom required, right up to highly complex, highly precise and highly dynamic multi-axis systems.

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RCD-105 CNC Rotary Table

Fast, repeatable, zero-backlash. The RCD105 cnc rotary table is ideal for smaller horizontal and vertical machining centers. It is available in back, side, and top mount configurations.

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Flexible chain screw conveyor

series DR-RXLX
material Stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum profile body + POM chain plate


The R70 is designed to be simpler to set up and use than existing Ethernet radios on the market. It allows users to extend an industrial Ethernet signal while avoiding the installation of expensive cable runs to remote sections of the factory floor. The R70 may be used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless Ethernet networks.

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Food Grade standard gearboxes

Food Grade versions of our standard gearboxes are available in any of our standard stainless construction products. The upgrade to FE versions feature food grade grease with a white two part epoxy that is safe for food contact. Units are also available in FG versions that are the standard construction with food grade grease lubrication.

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  • San Motion - Servo SystemsSanyo Denki developed the SANMOTION brand of motion control systems striving to be a worldwide leader in promoting automation technology that improves the human condition.
    SANMOTION stepper and servo systems are crafted for exceptional performance and reliability, especially in multi-axis synchronous motion control applications. Custom engineering services are available to reduce the time to market for manufacturing equipment in an array of industries.