Micro Epsilon

Micro Epsilon

Sensors for displacement, distance & position Infrared sensors for non-contact temperature measurement Color sensors for self-luminous objects and surfaces Industrial endoscopes for defect detection and quality assurance 2D/3D Measurement


Sensors HMi Connectivity Software Switches Display and Signals


Sensors Machine Safety Machine Vision Barcode Readers Laser Marking Handheld Scanner Mobile Computers Fixed Retail Scanners RFID Systems


Sensors Machine Safety Handheld Scanners HMi Connectivity Interface Modules Power Supplies Fieldbus Technology Interface Technology RFID Systems Relays Cables

Red Lion

Sensors and Process Control Controllers and Data Acquisition HMI and Panel Meter Products LED Displays Ethernet Solutions Celular Routers Softwares Connectors Panel-Meters PID Controllers Ethernet Switches Display and Signals