ABB Drives- Safety Webinar- How Bluetooth technology and Drivetune our exclusive app that helps increase safety among employees

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10/06/2020 10:00 - 11:00

Feel free to attend or send to customers that may be interested.
Want to learn more about ABB Bluetooth Technology and Drivetune our exclusive app for drives that helps increase safety?

When: Wednesday June 10th @ 10am PST.

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Safety, Safety, Safety.

  • Stay at a safe distance – out of the “arc flash” zone
  • Access all drive parameters and monitoring functions without “suiting-up”
  • Access to all drive functions where drives have difficult or limited access locations
    (keeps people off ladders, cat-walks, etc.)
  • Complete back-up of parameters – electronically – can be sent by email to another “DriveTune” phone user (all done remote from the drive – no need for a “hard-wire”  connection)


But what about security!!!!!!

  • ABB has its own Group Cyber Security Council” that dedicates itself just to security, encryption and current and future security requirements
  • ABB has the (DSAC) Device Security Assurance Center – reviews processes and methods of connection
  • Passkey entry method of “pairing” devices  (the key only works with one connected device at any given time).  Once the connected device is out of range, the drive/connected device must be “discoverable and re-paired” with a new code.
    If a user wants a “continuous” connection – that is possible, but someone has to program the Bluetooth keypad to make it so (it is not that way as “default”)
  • Discoverability method:  Pre-shared key authentication and encryption algorithm of the Bluetooth protocol is considered acceptably strong to ensure safe wireless communication